Citroen SpaceTourer Hyphen concept proves European vans can be cool

02/04/2016 14:30:05
Citroen SpaceTourer Hyphen concept proves European vans can be cool
Citroen SpaceTourer Hyphen Concept is one of the coolest new European vans and it will be presented at the Geneva Motor Show.

Some of the newest European Vans are rather unusual yet somehow undeniably cool. This is the case of the Citroen SpaceTourer Hyphen Concept for example. 

Citroen Van

Recently, French automaker Citroën introduced the whimsically named SpaceTourer people-mover, and now Citroën has partnered with French pop group Hyphen Hyphen to create an even more preposterous concept version of the van. Citroën says the SpaceTourer HyphenCitroën’s concept is based on the company’s standard SpaceTourer giving it a more “go-anywhere” spirit. 

Citroën describes the SpaceTourer Hyphen Concept as a SUPERCHARGED DESIGN, protective and welcoming. It turns up the volume with an adventurous, rugged, bright color scheme that celebrates freedom and functionality. The SpaceTourer Hyphen also boasts all-wheel drive, a higher ride height, and more aggressive tires to allow for “enhanced mobility.”

new Citroen


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