Porsche 718 Cayman might beat 718 Boxster!

04/25/2016 13:51:25
Porsche 718 Cayman might beat 718 Boxster!
The new Cayman 718 has many surprises for customers not just it's engine bay, the model will hit the markets in November with $54950 as a staring price.

After Porsche revealed its new 718 Boxster we've been waiting for the new Cayman. The wait is almost over. Cayman has some similar features of 718 Boxster, but there are also many differences like a fixed roof and the arrival of turbocharged power. The new Cayman offers a choice of turbo fours: a 2.0-liter unit in the base model good for 300 horsepower, and a 2.5 in the S version with 350 hp on tap – just like in the latest Boxster.



Both turbo engines bring increases of 25 hp over the naturally aspired engines they replace.
Torque goes up along with it- by 67 pound-feet in the base model to 280, and by 37 lb-ft in the Cayman S to 309. The extra muscle translates to a 0-to-60 time as low as 4.5 seconds for the 718 Cayman, or 4.0 flat for the 718 Cayman S, with top speeds clocked at 170 and 177 miles per hour, respectively.


The new Cayman has much more surprises for customers than just its engine bay, like a tightened steering rack, widened rear wheels and enlarged brakes. All of these are wrapped in new bodywork and operated from a refreshed interior. Currently, the Cayman and the Boxster are the only two cars in the world that features the new engines which Porsche recently developed at great cost. The new model is set to hit the markets in November, with a starting price of $54950 for the base model and $67350 for the S model.


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